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Study: Facebook Selling Security - 30 Sep 2018

Lately in the news I’ve been reading a lot about Facebook again. As a security lover I’m really not all that surprised about anything regarding them anymore. I’m hoping by breaking down what I know, the current discussion of their security issues, and leaving suggestions you will be more informed on how to navigate the platform safely.

Security Tips - 25 Sep 2018

I’ve been wondering how I should follow up to the last post so I figured I’d give a few security tips for a working professional. Honestly these tips work for anyone but I’m going to speak directly to corporate people because that is who I’ve spoken to the most so far this year.

Rental Cars and Bluetooth - 17 Sep 2018

I recently traveled far as hell and needed a rental car. Since most rental cars are up to date and NY has a “no cell phone” law while driving (you can’t hold your phone in your hand) I decided to use the Bluetooth option and pair with the car’s onboard audio system, allowing me to play music and get phone calls.

What is Reactive Programming - 02 Sep 2018

I’ve been doing a bunch of interviews lately. In particular I’m interviewing for Android positions (finally). A question that always gets asked is my thoughts on reactive programming. Why? I really don’t know and tend to forget what it means. So in this post I will attempt to breakdown what reactive programming is and maybe give you some pointers from the Android perspective.

Creating a Nextcloud server on Linode - 02 Sep 2018

Based off Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS linode