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What is Reactive Programming - 02 Sep 2018

I’ve been doing a bunch of interviews lately. In particular I’m interviewing for Android positions (finally). A question that always gets asked is my thoughts on reactive programming. Why? I really don’t know and tend to forget what it means. So in this post I will attempt to breakdown what reactive programming is and maybe give you some pointers from the Android perspective.

Creating a Nextcloud server on Linode - 02 Sep 2018

Based off Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS linode

Firebase + React Native (Building an inventory App) - 02 Sep 2018

If you don’t want to read this and just want to view the code then it can be found here. This walk-thru assumes you know the basics of firebase.

Guide to Wine Bottle Tree - 02 Sep 2018

Where did I get this idea?

Resources: Books and how to find research papers - 25 Aug 2018

As I’m packing up I’ve seen a bunch of books and papers I’ve used this past year. So I wanted to post about some books and research topics. Most of these resources I got from suggestions of others. I’ll try to tell you the why behind buying them but at this point some of the whys are no longer valid. Let’s begin…