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Firebase + React Native (Building an inventory App) - 02 Sep 2018

If you don’t want to read this and just want to view the code then it can be found here. This walk-thru assumes you know the basics of firebase.

Guide to Wine Bottle Tree - 02 Sep 2018

Where did I get this idea?

Resources: Books and how to find research papers - 25 Aug 2018

As I’m packing up I’ve seen a bunch of books and papers I’ve used this past year. So I wanted to post about some books and research topics. Most of these resources I got from suggestions of others. I’ll try to tell you the why behind buying them but at this point some of the whys are no longer valid. Let’s begin…

RDP vs VNC - 18 Aug 2018

At work I use this application called Jump Desktop. It allows me to RDP or VNC into a machine at a client site but I never know when to use which nor what the difference is. I hope to take the time to explain this a little so please bear with me and as always if your an expert please feel free to comment your thoughts.

Hacker Definitions - 14 Aug 2018