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Android Malware Analysis Presentation Prep - 06 Mar 2019

I stated in a previous post that I had one of my CFP (Call for Papers) proposals accepted. The following is the accepted proposal:

CFP: What I Learned - 12 Feb 2019

The end of last year I submitted 2 conference proposals. Talking at a conference I think is a necessary evil. I don’t really like it BUT I want to start sharing my knowledge in person. 1 of my proposals got denied and at first I didn’t understand why but I then I saw the proposals for the 2nd conference and totally understood. I’m going to use this post to talk about what I learned so all your proposals can be accepted in the future.

Adding a subdomain to AWS hosted site - 02 Feb 2019

** This Guide assumes you already have a site hosted on AWS **

New Goals - 01 Jan 2019

It’s a new year and all that fun jazz. I figured I’d publish what my goals are for this platform and my security life, SO in no particular order let’s do this

Using Travis CI with Android - 17 Nov 2018

If you have been following my instagram then you know I have been looking into Continuous Integration/Continous Development, also known as CI/CD. Why am I doing this now? I think CI/CD can really speed up one’s development. From a business perspective it is great to have the computer manually build things for me on a certain schedule so that I don’t have to remember to do it. A great example of this would be for my company, Backpack Media, where I try to use 2 week development cycles. Instead of me having to wait so long to build what I’ve been working on for a given period of time, I can just let a serperate service build my code every 2 weeks so that I can just deliver the file to the client (I’m sure I can automate this as well).