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22 June 2019

Google's Associate Android Cert

I’ve spent the last 2ish years really focused on being the best Android developer I could be. Between freelancing and my 9-5 I felt like I finally “made it”. The issue is I’m feelings stuck again. I realize that there are still things I don’t know because I’ve never had to use them. My solution? Tackle this like I’m getting into security so insert the Associate Android Developer cert.

What is the Associate Android Cert?

This a cert given by Google for people that want to “show off” they know Android. For me this is a big deal because once you pass then you also get put in their directory of certified developers. That to me is very important not only for my 9-5 job but also for Backpack Media (my business).

Can you cram for this?

Yes and no. Yes if you been doing Android for some years (let’s say 4+) BUT If your new please don’t. You want to give yourself time to understand what is going to be on the test and then manage how you should learn the material.

How did I prepare?

True Life: I’m cramming. LOL So honestly the study material Google gives seem to be really good. Knowing that the test is 8 hours means for me that I need to try everything I don’t know atlest once. More importantly I need to know how to look for things I don’t know.

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