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Analytics FTW - 13 Oct 2019

Let me start this off by admitting I don’t think this is devops related but it could be.

I'm Speaking...Again - 05 Oct 2019

Back in april I wrote this about my first time speaking. In 3 days I’ll be speaking once again but this time I’m giving TWO talks. My first talk will be targeted at people with an idea and talking them what to look for in a developer for their mvp (minimum viable product). My final talk will target people that want to get into mobile development as a career. I’m going to post the abstracts below but I wanted to talk about why I’m doing this. Actually…I have no clue why I’m doing this. lol I had a goal of doing 1 conference talk, but these last two were stretch goals. I had this wild idea that I could start doing conference talks to solidify my place as a SME (Subject Matter Expert) in mobile development. It is true that Android is my platform of choice but I study/keep up with all things mobile. I don’t know if these talks have gotten me what I wanted just yet but I can see how they are helping me build my network.

Systemize All the Things - 22 Sep 2019


Dev Ops Side Adventures - 11 Sep 2019

It’s no secret that I one day want to do dev ops work. Not just any dev ops work, I want to work in the mobile area of dev ops? Why? I really have no clue. As I started trying to make my dev process better, leaner, and less labor intensive I’ve started to see how it helps.

I passed the AWS CCP! - 29 Aug 2019

My title pretty much says it all. Tuesday I dragged my very sore human to a test center and took my CCP test. I was nervous as all get out, I was still watching videos before leaving the house (on billing), and I felt pretty unprepared to be honest. Given all of this I’m prepared to tell you some tips and tricks for studying/how to focus your time.