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Is flutter the future? - 24 Dec 2019

TLDR- It just might be

Tackling goals while super sad/depressed - 15 Dec 2019

This topic is a little dark-ish but maybe it will help others. I’m a pessimist, it has kept me “safe” for years, but that compounded with losing 4 friends since this time last year has made it a fairly dark time. If you have seen me online you might not think I’m telling the truth and that’s fine. When I’m super sad I do more which is weird BUT here are some ways I get it done and stay “stable”.

What is all this serverless talk? - 08 Dec 2019

On twitch this past week I build a crud application using the serverless architecture. Why? It’s a big topic in the dev world and I wanted to see what it was about. As a mobile dev your expected to know the full stack sometimes and I was wondering how hard it would be to switch from your standard api to a serverless one. So let me break down what I know so far…

Week 4ish of Sec+ Studying - 01 Dec 2019

I didn’t write one of these last week because of the holiday. I also needed to do some internal stuff as I plan to pass this and then plan for my next move.

Week 3 of Sec+ Studying - 16 Nov 2019

This is going to be a lil different than expected but transparency or whatever