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The Deets on Continuous Integration - 30 Jun 2019

So if you follow me on Twitter I’ve been talking about dev ops, and CI a lot. Why? I’ve just really been into figuring out the ultimate work flow while developing. What does this mean? When I’m working I just want to focus on coding not test, not beta builds, but just the code.

Google's Associate Android Cert - 22 Jun 2019

I’ve spent the last 2ish years really focused on being the best Android developer I could be. Between freelancing and my 9-5 I felt like I finally “made it”. The issue is I’m feelings stuck again. I realize that there are still things I don’t know because I’ve never had to use them. My solution? Tackle this like I’m getting into security so insert the Associate Android Developer cert.

Hybrid Development - 22 May 2019

Mostly on social media I advise against building hybrid apps. I have used ionic, react native (RN), and Xamarin in my mobile app career. I feel that it is really bad to advise against something without explaining the why. I’m going to explain why I advise against hybrid development, but also when to use it and which platform I recommend.

What a time to love Android and Google - 14 Apr 2019

I’m writing this after Google IO ‘19 because I know I have a 1 week window before I start disliking them. 🙃 I’m going to talk about the most exciting things that came out of the conference and why you too should be excited.

This is Really Happening - 07 Apr 2019

Here I am 6 days out before I present at bsides Nashville. I’m not the first speaker on my track so that’s cool but I’m also not in the middle. That’s right, I’m the last speaker. That means I have to keep myself calm all day. I’m excited for this change but I’m also really nervous. It’s a mix of imposter syndrome and the fact that I don’t really like public speaking.